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Receiving Sapporo Maruyama Cosmetic Acupuncture and Cosmetic Acupuncture

beauty acupuncture

Become clean from the inside outbeauty acupuncture

please imagine.

Your skin has become 10 years younger

 You now have a smile on your face.
I want it to become reality, not just an imagination. For skin that looks 10 years younger

attentionofbeauty acupuncture
Beauty that only an acupuncturist can provide

Why Acupuncture is BeautifulDoes it work for you?

In Oriental medicine, there is a theory called visceral theory.there is.

According to the visceral theory, ``viscera'' refers to the internal organs and functions contained within the body.

"Elephant" refers to physiological and pathological phenomena that appear outside.

The functions of the five internal organs (liver, heart, spleen, lungs, and kidneys) are

Normally, sufficient nutrients can be distributed throughout the body,

It is believed that it can also maintain external beauty.
On the other hand, if the function or nutritional status of the five internal organs deteriorates,

Since the body is unable to provide sufficient nutrients to the whole body,

I think it can cause problems for your skin as well.
In particular, the facial area is said to be the ``mirror of the five internal organs,'' and the health condition of the internal organs can be clearly seen.It is.
Therefore, at WHOLE, we strongly hope that you will become beautiful from the inside out.

We will find out the root cause of your problem and provide cosmetic acupuncture tailored to that cause.
Cosmetic acupuncture creates very minute "wounds" by applying needles to the skin,

I'm trying to heal that woundA completely natural beauty method that utilizes your natural healing powerand

A beauty method that can only be achieved through the characteristics of acupunctureis.

It hurts when it hurtsdo not have? safety?

Current needle manufacturing techniquesDue to advances in technology,

It became possible to manufacture needles with a diameter of 0.1 mm, which are thinner than a human hair.

You will hardly feel any pain when the needle is inserted,

The number of cases involving bleeding has also decreased significantly.
Sensitivity to pain varies from person to person, so it cannot be said that it is completely painless.

The pain caused by cosmetic acupuncture is extremely mild.

Many clients who have experienced cosmetic acupuncture

"Is this enough?" "I don't feel anything." "It's okay if it's more stimulating."

Please leave your comments such asPlease.

WH for safetyOLE is cosmetic acupunctureThe needle used is

All needles are disposable, soThere is no need to worry about infectious disease prevention.

Please rest assured that acupuncture is a national resource.Please leave it to me who has the dignity.

*The face has more blood vessels and thinner skin than other parts of the body, so internal bleeding may occur on rare occasions. Before cosmetic acupuncture, we will give you a thorough explanation before starting the acupuncture treatment.Masu.

From those who received cosmetic acupuncture for the first time

We often hear from people that their makeup looked completely different the next day.

Who is cosmetic acupuncture suitable for?okay?

・Swelling of the faceI'm curious about it
・Face barrel
I'm curious about it
・Recently, I have been having a hard time applying makeup.
・Face is dull

Other problems include dry skin, oily skin, dark circles, dullness, wrinkles,Stains, acne, pimples

For concerns such as circular hair lossI will approach you. 

You need to be beautiful yourself.reactorI have the strength toMasu.

Cosmetic acupuncture brings out your power.

​Small face massage

​9,000 yen

Cosmetic acupuncture Natural

​9,000 yen

Cosmetic acupuncture Gold

​13,500 yen

*For Cosmetic Acupuncture Gold, cosmetic acupuncture is performed with gold leaf pasted on your skin, so you will need to remove your foundation.

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