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Sapporo Maruyama acupuncture, massage treatment


The troubles I had given up on
"Acupuncture” may solve the problem.

AcupunctureThe most important feature of the treatment is its analgesic effect (stopping pain).

I have been suffering from pain for a long time and have suffered from variousI tried various treatments, but it didn't get better...・.
Such people often start acupuncture treatment.
There are many.

ImyselfThe discomfort of acupuncture that I feelThoughtsDiscussion.

of course, I learned the theory of acupuncture treatment when I was in school.
I know it in my head, but the effects of acupuncture are often more strongly realized through treatment experience than theory.
Even I am sometimes surprised that acupuncture can relieve pain.
To be honest, I thought, "I just put acupuncture needles in my body, why?"

yes,The most important feature of acupuncture is its ability to deliver stimulation deep into the body.
This is a stimulation that can only be caused by acupuncture, which cannot be achieved by massage or chiropractic treatments.That's it.

Acupuncture doesn't have to be scary

Isn't it scary when you experience acupuncture treatment for the first time?
I would be scared too if I were in your position.
However, many of our clients say, ``Huh? Are you getting acupuncture?'' ``Is this how much?'' ``I don't feel anything'' ``I wish it was stronger.''

Advances in current needle manufacturing technology have made it possible to manufacture needles used in acupuncture treatments that are thinner than a human hair, with a diameter of 0.1 mm, which means that you almost never feel pain when the needles are inserted, and there is no bleeding. The number of cases involving this has also decreased significantly.
Sensitivity to pain varies from person to person, so it cannot be said that it is completely painless, but the pain caused by acupuncture is extremely mild.

Regarding safety, WHOLE uses disposable needles for acupuncture treatment, so there is no need to worry about infection prevention.

Please feel free to leave your treatment to me, who is nationally certified in acupuncture and moxibustion treatment.

​Acupuncture whole body adjustment

​13,500 yen

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