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physical conditiontioning
​Massage Chiropractic

Reward your body for always working hard.
I'm sure you'll like it.

your body is tiredDon't you? 

my eyes get tiredMy shoulders are stiff, my lower back hurts, and my legs are swollen...

That trouble,Leave it to WHOLE!

If your body feels better,

  • morning'sI wake up better

  • Working hard at work

  • It becomes easier to move your body

  • I can enjoy myself on my days off from work.

It's full of joy.

Physical conditioning is

Recommended for those who have these problems

  • for a long time,lower back painis troubled by

  • Stiff shoulderis terrible,headache,eye fatigueI'm also curious

  • bad posture

  • Thank youtiredI can't get it

  • legs areswelling, sensitivity to coldThere is

  • stressis accumulating

In addition, we will respond to your various concerns.

WHOLE's physical conditioning

physical is"Body"Physical”It is used in the sense that
Its antonym is
"Mental and Spiritual"That's the mental aspect.
Although they have opposite meanings, they are not unrelated; rather, they are
closely relateddoing.

 If your mental health is weak, your physical movements will deteriorate,
If your body is not feeling well, your mood will also be depressed.

My physical conditioning is of course to eliminate physical ailments.
By removing physical disorders, mental disorders can also be corrected.This is also the purpose.

I was shocked when I came across a technique called ``forearm dance by Val Guin'' about 12 years ago.
After that, I attended a seminar by Nathan James in Tokyo, andThe ideal method was created.

it is,

 "A therapy that deeply touches the mind and body and dances in rhythm."

After that, I continued to brush up on my therapy,

What I wanted more

 "Release from pain"

The human body is really interesting.

If you force your body,painwill appear.
Removing the cause will quickly relieve the pain..

theThe cause is only the muscles.There is no limit to.

In some cases,Skin, bite, how to use your body, line of sight, tongue position,
Sometimes it's in places I thought were completely unrelated.


At WHOLE, we offer "safe," "safe," and "careful" treatments.

To achieve this, we begin treatment after thorough counseling and examinations.

What you should be careful about in your daily life even after treatment,

We will also teach you exercises you can do at home and tips for correcting your posture.

I have been treating many clients over the past 22 years.
I love my job as a therapist.
after treatmentClient's bright smileAs a therapist, I seebest momentin

II will use my skills and knowledge to help you with your health.

We will do our best to make you smile.


​9,000 yen


13,500 yen


16,500 yen


24,500 yen

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