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I came across the word "WHOLE" when I was reading a hygiene textbook when I was a student at an acupuncture school.
"WHOLE" means "whole" or "all".
"WHOLE" is also the origin of the word "health".
Recently, the term "holistic medicine" has been gaining popularity, but it also means "don't look at the disease, look at the patient."

When I was a student, I was shocked by these words and decided to do so.

When I own a store, I will definitely name it “WHOLE”

While studying as a student, I also worked in an orthopedic rehabilitation room. We treated over 100 patients every day. Sometimes I was in charge of up to 150 people...
It was a very good experience as I was able to treat many patients, and it was the best workplace where I was able to improve my medical knowledge.
However, at that time, I wondered, ``Are we really seeing all of these patients?''
I think I was only looking at the painful part (the disease) and not the patient (the sick person).

After that, I continued to work in rehabilitation at treatment clinics and nursing care settings, but due to various restrictions in the medical insurance and nursing care insurance systems, I was unable to provide ``everything'' that I could to my clients. did.

 I want to create a salon where I can provide treatments to my clients with all the techniques and knowledge I can offer.

Therefore, I decided to name it "WHOLE".


All of our clients have various problems.
Pain, malaise, recovery from injury, stress, not being able to move properly, beauty...
I would like to provide you with ``all'' of my knowledge, skills, and experience in order to get you out of your troubles as quickly as possible.

physical conditioning salon
WHOLE Sapporo Maruyama​


24-2-18 Odori Nishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo​Parente301

*3 minutes walk from Exit 5 of Maruyama Koen Subway Station

TEL 011-600-6702

OPEN 10:00 CLOSE 22:00Irregular holidays

Please make a reservation before coming, as reservations are required.

payment method
Various other than cash​Payment methods are available. 

massage, acupuncture
Cosmetic acupuncture, massage
massage, chiropractic, acupuncture

Exit Maruyama Koen Subway Station [Exit 5] and head straight to the left. After passing the 7-Eleven and crossing the first traffic light, turn left at Tsuneguchi Atom (real estate store) and proceed. (About 130 meters) It's on the 3rd floor of a white and concrete colored apartment building with Atta maruyama (restaurant) on the 1st floor on the right corner before you cross the second road. The entrance is on the right side as you enter Nakamichi. Please press "301" on the intercom.  

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