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stay healthy




For you
I want you to be healthy and beautiful in mind and body.


And I want you to spread your lively smile to everyone.

you work hard every dayI am.
And your own
Your body and mind will gradually wear out. Even if you are tired, don't let those around you notice.Even if you force yourself to avoid it...

What will happen if I leave you alone as you work too hard?

Every day, you will start to experience small discomforts and you will definitely hear an SOS from your body.
Don't you hide even your discomfort with a smile?
There's a reason why people turn a blind eye and put their own affairs on the back burner...I think it's all in one word.

This time, you can take care of all the small ailments that you had given up on all at once, and you can treat your whole body.We have prepared a maintenance course.

The image is a course where you can regain the energy to fly again like a bird resting its wings.

A woman's beauty cannot truly shine if she only seeks beauty on the outside.

Heal your physical and mental fatigueHaving a place to sleep helps keep your body healthy and gives you energy from within.I hope that many people will take the time to...



i do
Beauty-life is

  •  Visceral warming through moxibustion

  • Dry bed spa massage

  • Gold beauty salon

  • Cosmetic acupuncture

  • Conditioningstretch



This is a special course that combines

First"by moxibustionVisceral warming”Then, we adjust the autonomic nervous system by warming the internal organs deep within the body with moxibustion. Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, leading to a state of relaxation for both the internal organs and the brain. in oriental medicineWhen the functions of internal organs become normal, not only will blood flow throughout the body improve, but the circulation of Qi will also improve, and the skin will improve.It is believed that every part of your body, including your skin and hair, will be healthy.

 "Dry head spa"Now, we will stimulate pressure points on the head, eyes, and face to provide relaxation.WHOLE's dry head spa doesn't just stimulate your head. It relieves stiffness in the neck and shoulders, improves stiff shoulders, and improves blood and lymph flow to the face and head. After the treatment, the quality of your sleep, which is essential for good health, will improve, and you will definitely fall into a deep sleep.

 to take care of your skin"Gold Esthetics"is.

If you want to stay beautiful forever, we recommend a beauty method that uses the power of gold.
gold is pure and free of impurities. And gold has a timeless beauty that never rusts. Gold is said to have the effect of activating metabolism and normalizing skin turnover.

After applying gold leaf to your face, let the gold leaf absorb into your skin. We were also particular about the gold leaf we used. I went directly to Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, saw the manufacturing process with my own eyes, talked with the people at the workshop, and selected the materials.

"Beauty acupuncture"Here, we will perform a treatment based on the idea of the visceral theory of Oriental medicine. The visceral theory states that if the internal organs are not functioning properly, a person cannot have a beautiful appearance. Unlike cosmetic acupuncture, which only applies acupuncture to the face, WHOLE also applies acupuncture to the abdomen, limbs, and stimulates pressure points throughout the body. By doing so, the function of your internal organs and the circulation of blood and energy throughout your body will improve, allowing you to become beautiful from the inside out. Then, acupuncture is applied directly to the skin of the face. We use the skin's natural healing power to activate skin cells, facial muscles, and lift-up muscles.

 Finally,"Conditioning Stretch"Let's wake up your body.

Adjust your distorted skeleton with stretching.

You can regain your original beautiful and confident posture.

 What do you think when you look at yourself in the mirror after all these treatments?

I'm sure you'll feel lighter, like you're a different person, your skin will regain its luster and complexion, and the muscles around your eyes will move more easily, making your vision brighter. Your face will look refreshed and your smile will come naturally.

You will return to your natural, beautiful, unadorned self without forcing yourself to be conscious of it.

If you are such a lively person, you are sure to become a person who can give energy to the people around you.

Please take the time to get in touch with your body and give it some healing and nourishment.

IWe will do our best to support you.

​ *For courses using gold leaf, the gold leaf is applied directly to the skin, so you will be treated without makeup.

Please come without makeup or use a makeup remover sheet.

*We also have a Health-Healing-Beauty-Katsu course that does not use gold leaf, and a Health-Healing-Beauty-Katsu Natural course.

Health-Healing-Beauty-Life Natural

​13,500 yen

​Health-Healing-Beauty-Life GOLD

​16,500 yen

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